Cefem Power

Carbon free electrification

Cefem Power is the historic branch of the group. Created in 1987 in the Southern Ardèche region of France by Georges Fangier, the original "Cefem" began by developing expertise in medium frequency magnetic components. Gradually, the business unit integrated more and more magnetic components intended for powerful electronics, capable of modulating energy for next-generation applications, and this is what led to its rapid expansion.

Over time, Cefem Power's objective became clearer and the goal was to become the European leader in passive components for powerful electronics.



CEFEM is founded in the Ardèche region of France


Acquisition of ASB (Atelier Spécial Bobinage), a production unit in Grenoble making toric components.


Creation of Cefem Romania, a production unit in Dumbraveni. This plant was intended to serve customers with low added value products in large scale series and whose production sites have switched to Eastern Europe.


Acquisition of SCR, a company manufacturing film capacitors since 1961 in Châteauroux in the Berry region of France. This logically led us to expand our range of products with the film capacitors manufactured by the acquired company. SCR capacitors are now marketed under the name "Cefem Power".


Acquistion of Transrail Boige and Vignal. The consistent progress continues with the acquisition of a company recognised for its expertise in more powerful magnetic components, in particular in the rail market, the group’s main sector of activity.

Today, the Cefem Power business unit consists of :

  •     6 production sites: Saint Michel de Boulogne / Grenoble / Lyon / China / Romania/ Châteauroux
  •     3 research offices: Saint Michel de Boulogne and Lyon for magnetic components, Châteauroux for film capacitors

Working in all sectors of powerful electronics, especially :

  •     Rail
  •     Aeronautics
  •     Energy (Renewable and UPS)
  •     Industry
  •     Naval
Cefem Power
Cefem Power

Magnetic Components

Medium Frequency Specialist

 CEFEM POWER has, in the past, provided low frequency magnetic components (50Hz). However, for more than a decade, CEFEM POWER has focused on the development and manufacturing of medium frequency passive elements (>5kHz).

We believe that medium frequency will replace the reference frequency although it remains predominant in certain applications.

In response to different needs, we use a range of materials :

Ferrite, Iron powder, Amorphous, Litz wires, Braided copper wires...

Cefem Power
Cefem Power
Cefem Power
Cefem Power

We also have qualified engineers specialised in the design of medium frequency magnetic components.

Thanks to our subsidiaries based in the South-East of France, we can supply medium frequency transformers and inductors up to 500kW.

Our partners have trusted us for several years in the study, design and production of magnetic elements, why not you ?

Si vous voulez avez un problématique et/ou une question sur les éléments passifs (transformateurs et inductances) avec une plage de fréquence de 5kHz à 500kHz, n’hésitez pas à nous joindre.

If you have a problem and/or a question about passive elements (transformers and inductors) with a frequency range between 5kHz and 500kHz, do not hesitate to contact us.



Thanks to the involvement of our business units, our skills and our resources, we are able to provide complete solutions to our partners.

Our POWER business unit
Providing magnetic components as well as film capacitors.
Our PROCESS business unit 
Provinding electrical equipment as well as energy managment skills.
Our SOLAR business unit
Provinding electronic equipment as well as skills in power electronics. 

Choosing the CEFEM Group means :

  • Gaining time and money
  • Reducing the number of parties involved
  • Obtaining competitive rates through our extensive network of suppliers
  • Obtaining availability from our employees and business partners
  • Obtaining expertise thanks to our engineers and our experience of more than 50 years
  • Obtaining fast lead times thanks to our 100% French production.

Our Activity Sectors :

Rail / Aeronautics / Drives / E-mobility / Energy / Naval

Should you have problem and/or have a question about our turnkey solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

To contact us

Cefem Power, our partner in the industry field

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Cefem Power
Cefem Power
Cefem Power
Cefem Power
Cefem Power
Cefem Power

For decades, CEFEM POWER has been a strong global industrial partner when it comes to :

  • Inductors (Resonance, traction, buck/boost, sine, …)
  • Transformers
  • Film capacitors (DC-link, Snubber, Traction, Discharge…)
  • Filters (harmonics, dv/dt…)

We strive to offer a product that has the highest ratio of volume, weight and power.

We can supply magnetic components with the following characteristics :

  • 1kW to 2MW (400kW at 50Hz)
  • 400Hz to 300kHz
  • Up to 3000A
  • Up to 10 000 V
  • Up to 2T

Through our subsidiary SCR, we supply film capacitors for several applications: power, traction, motion and audio.
For example, we provide high power and high energy efficiency for electrical applications.

Power capacitor applications range from inverters and the railway industry to renewable energies.
Our film capacitors can have the following characteristics :

  • Up to 100 000 VCC
  • Up to 450Arms
  • A lifespan of up to 200,000H
  • Up to 40% volume reduction
From a few ƞF to a few tens of µF


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