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Cefem Solar

A company develops according to its knowledge and resources, in parallel with the needs of tomorrow, but also according to its values. In 2010, the Cefem Group, with its wealth of experience in power electronics, decided to enter the photovoltaic market. It is also a rural, family-run SME, but one that is open to the world, and as such intends to defend the environmental convictions to which it is committed. Solar energy was therefore an obvious choice.

Cefem Solar was created in 2009 from the sum of the Cefem Group's skills and values. The Business Unit was able to benefit from the Group's strengths: production tools, quality, R&D, etc. to develop its range of grid-connected inverters.

Cefem Solar
Cefem Solar

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Cefem Solar
Cefem Solar

Photovoltaic inverters


Become part of the ecological transition

Are you involved in the photovoltaic industry and looking for high-performance, innovative solutions for your solar installations? Cefem SOLAR offers you a complete range of grid-connected three-phase photovoltaic inverters.

Cefem SOLAR inverters are developed and produced in France in our design office and factory at Saint Michel de Boulogne in Ardèche.

As the only French manufacturer of three-phase photovoltaic inverters, Cefem SOLAR guarantees you :

  • 1 robust, repairable inverter
  • Local, fast and competent after-sales service
  • 30 years' expertise in power electronics
  • French production from development to manufacture
  • A Research &Development department staffed by professionals trained at leading schools and universities.


Cefem Solar inverters: French production

Here is the information you need to know exactly why we use the "Made in France" logo on our range of inverters. Cefem Solar wants to be totally transparent. We believe that you are entitled to clear and transparent information.

This table summarises, as a percentage of the cost price, the various main items that make up our inverter, by family of functions. We indicate the percentage of the cost price for each item, and the relative percentage of French manufacture for each item. The cost of assembly is included in these figures.

Position % Trio-Sun Cost of Ownership % Made in France
Workforce 19.76 19.76
Electronic 47.93 28.33
Mechanics 12.84 12.84
Magnetic 13.61 13.61
Other 5.86 5.86
Total 100 80.4


  • All the components are assembled at the Saint Michel de Boulogne site in Ardèche.
  • The inverter has acquired all its main and secondary characteristics in France.
French manufacturing guarantees you the highest quality standards and procedures, combined with the technological expertise of professionals trained at the world's leading schools and universities. What's more, having direct access to your manufacturer is synonymous with direct access to product information and technical specifications, high-performance assistance and after-sales service, and a strong influence on technical development choices.